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Legend of Zelda War3 Map Brainstorm Empty Legend of Zelda War3 Map Brainstorm

Post by KenshinUesugi on 1/26/2012, 9:11 am

Well, first thing is first, I forgot how hard and annoying it is to type on this site. With an almost black background while typing in black text.I think I might write my post first in notepad and copy and paste it onto here. Probably would be easier.
Alright, I got inspired after hearing about the Hyrule Total War mod conversion for Medieval Total War and decided I should do something myself! So first thing I have to do is first figure out if I'm basing it off one game or just go off the canon and make my own fantasy Hyrule war torn world. The later would be easier.

Then I have to figure out what will the map format be. I have most experence in spawn based maps. I dislike the LoTR map format for war3. The Broken Alliance format would be too unbalanced and just turn into a mess. The Lost Kingdom map set up would be nice, but in the end the easiest and probably the one that fits the best is the Conflict for Sereg D'or spawn system. For those of you who haven't played that map, you get bases with researches, you research different things to increase your spawn output at that base. Like various researches include like researching Archers or even like a group of units like a Militia band which might be swordsmen and archers. It's what ever you set up.

Now that I know it's not going to based off a single game and I'm going to create my own Hyrule influenced by various games. I need to figure out my factions and alliances. And who is going to lead the said factions. So far in my brainstorming I came up with 10 factions with their leaders. So I will list those now and then show you my current alliances and then include some of my ideas to fill in the 2 extra slots I have.

Gerudo - Ganondorf
Moblin - King Bulblin
Hyrule - Zelda
Goron - Darunia
Zora - King Zora
Rito - Valoo
Ordon - Link
Kokiri - Saria
Deku - Deku King
Ikana - Igos du Ikana

The alliances are as followed; (Gerudo | Moblin) (Hyrule | Goron) (Zora | Rito) (Ordon | Kokiri | Deku) (Ikana)

Then I hope for the final 2 slots that I will get another 2 player team. That or 2 more individual players. I was looking up like Onox for a possible faction made up of Darknuts and Iron Knuckles. But can I really go off just that. Also a faction lead by Agahnim was also a possible idea I was looking at. My orignal idea for that faction was made up of mostly Theives Guild members like Blind and be a minor force that is allied with Ganondorf, just they have one of the strongest commanders but the weakest infantry. Also am looking at Zant with the Twili, but I don't remember that much variety in the Twili from what I fought in the Twilight Princess. I might need to play that more.

But yeah, that is what I have so far. Any input, ideas, comments, critcism, Zelda fan boy hate, is appreicated.
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Legend of Zelda War3 Map Brainstorm Empty Re: Legend of Zelda War3 Map Brainstorm

Post by OmegaSui on 1/26/2012, 1:15 pm

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